Steps on a very strange walk

Well, depending on whether the date stamp sticks around, you can see that there’s been almost a year between good intentions and follow through. So be it! I’m sure that I’m not blazing a shocking new truth when I say that there can be a lot of reasons not to step out of the comfort zone.

But what the hell, I’m here now. So onward and upward! So to speak.

Let’s start with a label: heathen. I am one. Like most labels, it tells you some things but leaves out lots more. It tells you, for example, that I don’t follow a monotheistic religion, but neither am I an atheist. Some people use the termĀ asatru, which refers to a person who believes in the Norse gods. But do I believe that when I see lightning, that Thor is striking his hammer against the anvil of the heavens? No. I do not.

I didn’t start out here. Actually, I started a long way from here. More to come.

(Note: to follow the chronology of this story, read from oldest to newest. If you are unstuck in time, read it any damn way you please.)

The Armageddon Crazy Pt 3

Cynthia Kline shows how much of a badass she is, the Deacons show how creepy they are (not for the last time), and Mansard meditates on the Elvi.

The Armageddon Crazy Pt 1

Super excited for this! Possibly my favourite anarchist, Mick Farren, at his awesome best. Farren gives us a near future America, run by a Christian fundamentalist fascist government, with the cracks starting to show. If that sounds a little too close for comfort, listen on…

Homage to Catalonia Pt 11

In this podcast we conclude Orwell’s tale, ending not with a bang but a whimper, as well as Orwell’s ominous prediction for England.

Homage to Catalonia Pt 10

Of course, since Orwell has been wounded in their cause, it’s entirely reasonable that the Republicans want to send him to prison. Clearly, gratitude is NEVER an appreciation for services rendered…

Homage to Catalonia Pt 9

In this chapter, George Orwell describes the stunning experience of being shot with the phlegmatic detachment that the British have turned into an art form. It makes for remarkable reading, and hopefully remarkable listening!

Homage to Catalonia Pt 8

After the dust has settled in the Barcelona rising, Orwell turns to analyzing the events and how they were reported. He discovers, once again, that no one lies like a journalist.

Homage to Catalonia Pt 7

DESPERATE LOVE IN THE SHADOW OF FLAMING DEATH! Or, more accurately, Orwell is unable to see his wife for a few days as the city of Barcelona falls into moderate chaos.