Steps on a very strange walk

Well, depending on whether the date stamp sticks around, you can see that there’s been almost a year between good intentions and follow through. So be it! I’m sure that I’m not blazing a shocking new truth when I say that there can be a lot of reasons not to step out of the comfort zone.

But what the hell, I’m here now. So onward and upward! So to speak.

Let’s start with a label: heathen. I am one. Like most labels, it tells you some things but leaves out lots more. It tells you, for example, that I don’t follow a monotheistic religion, but neither am I an atheist. Some people use the termĀ asatru, which refers to a person who believes in the Norse gods. But do I believe that when I see lightning, that Thor is striking his hammer against the anvil of the heavens? No. I do not.

I didn’t start out here. Actually, I started a long way from here. More to come.

(Note: to follow the chronology of this story, read from oldest to newest. If you are unstuck in time, read it any damn way you please.)

Treasure Island Pt 9

Jim Hawkins has well and truly stepped in the crab slime! Will he be forced to walk the plank? (A Victorian fiction, but he doesn’t know that!) But Long John Silver can smell a change in the wind…what is the wily old pirate up to? Find out in the ninth installment of Treasure Island!

Treasure Island Pt 8

Shiver me timbers! There’s a change in the wind, says I, and Jim Hawkins is going to have to step lively to outwit the sinister Israel Hands. How can a boy fare against a seasoned pirate? Tune in to find out!

Treasure Island Pt 7

Jim Hawkins manages to do some insanely irresponsible things. Really, someone should watch this kid! Also, shiver me timbers.

Treasure Island Pt 6

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, as the old sea salts say. The lines of conflict have been drawn, and it’s a question of luck, skill, and bravado as to who will rise triumphant. Will it be the Union Jack or the Jolly Roger? Tune in to find out!

Treasure Island Pt 5

Yar!! (Did you know that pirates never said yar? Funny story) There’s a rogue factor in the equation, and his name is Benjamin Gunn. Will his presence be the ace in the hole that Jim needs? And more importantly, will Ben Gunn be able to eat cheese for the first time in three years? Tune in to find out!

Treasure Island Pt 4

All hands on deck! There’s treachery before the mast, by th’powers, and our heroes will have to step lively to keep themselves out o’the briny deep. Stand fast and hear the continuing tale, dear listeners!

Treasure Island Pt 3

Avast! The Hispaniola is on its way to Treasure Island, and with a lively crew. But what are we to make of the tight-lipped Captain Smollett, let alone the lugubrious Long John Silver? Listen here to find out all this, and more!

Treasure Island Pt 2

Ahoy, mateys! It’s time to find out why the Black Spot is such a fearsome thing, and what secret Billy Bones has been a’carrying in that great sea chest of his. Yo-ho, me hearties, it’s part 2 of Treasure Island!

Treasure Island, Pt 1

Yo-ho, me hearties, yo-ho! It’s time for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of things piratical, Treasure Island. Life is about to change for young Jim Hawkins, as a most disreputable sea salt takes up residence at his father’s inn, the “Admiral Benbow.” What is Billy Bones’ secret, and why does he hold such distrust for the disabled? Listen to find out…

Strange Corners Pt 3

Things are afoot in the strange corners! Malik is tackling the one percent in his own way whilst having a spiritual renaissance, Karl is discovering why people are kind of down on Idaho, and Ciaran has a homecoming experience.