Homage to Catalonia Pt 6

Things get serious on the front as the Republicans and Fascists actually begin to engage each other. Even so, Orwell gives events a kind of surreal quality.

Homage to Catalonia Pt 4

George Orwell turns to life at the front, where life can be lousy, and people should be far more careful about where they go number two.

Homage To Catalonia Pt 3

George Orwell takes the time to dive into the rivalries on the Republican side, and the reasons why the Communists were opposed to a revolution. Filthy Commies.

A Christmas Carol + A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Our Christmas classic concludes happily, as Ebenezer Scrooge takes full advantage of his second chance. All’s well that ends well! Plus, a bonus telling of Dylan Thomas’ recounting of his wintry childhood. Enjoy!

A Christmas Carol Pt 4

Things take a dark turn in Victorian London as Scrooge gets a glimpse of his possible future. Phew! Kind of grim! A good thing this story will have a happy ending!

A Christmas Carol Pt 3

Merrily we go along with Ebenezer Scrooge through Christmas Present! Join us as Scrooge learns that it feels nice to be nice to people.

A Christmas Carol Pt 2

As we continue with our seasonal treat, we find out about the life of young Ebenezer Scrooge, before capitalism wrapped its icy grip around his throat. Enjoy!