A Princess of Mars, Pt 1

This is the very first novel to feature John Carter and his adventures on Barsoom. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a hugely popular American pulp fiction author. His fame has faded over time, but the creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars still has a certain charm. His flights of imaginative fancy contrast strangely with his wooden characters and can make for unintentionally magnificent dialogue.

The Armageddon Crazy Pt 16

It’s time for Carlisle to pay the piper, and it’s not looking good. Will Cynthia figure things out, and can she do anything about it?

The Armageddon Crazy Pt 15

Who really benefited from the shooting at Astor Place? How bad is the backlash going to be? Carlisle has had his head above the ridge line for a long time now…