I have stories for you to enjoy from a number of different genres. Anders’ Saga is a fantasy series set in a world similar to Viking Age Europe. Put Up Your Dukes is a darkly comic spy series set in the modern world of intelligent agencies, private military contractors, and various “deep states.” Strange Corners is a full length novel – you can probably call it urban fantasy – which imagines the collision of the contemporary and the contemporary and the mythological in some unusual ways and places. Here are sample stories for you to enjoy, and the first chapters of Strange Corners. If you enjoy what you have read, please consider supporting me on Patreon, which feature regularly updated short stories, and updated chapters of Strange Corners.

Here is the first part of a story from Anders’ Saga:

Jade Green Days Part One

Here is a brief introduction to Put Up Your Dukes:

Put Up Your Dukes – Introduction

Here is the Prologue and Part One from Strange Corners:

Strange Corners Prologue and Part One