The Armageddon Crazy Pt 7

There’s something rotten in the Land of the Free, and it’s starting to smell like Arlen Proverb. All roads are leading to the big show in Madison Square Garden…

The Armageddon Crazy Pt 3

Cynthia Kline shows how much of a badass she is, the Deacons show how creepy they are (not for the last time), and Mansard meditates on the Elvi.

The Armageddon Crazy Pt 1

Super excited for this! Possibly my favourite anarchist, Mick Farren, at his awesome best. Farren gives us a near future America, run by a Christian fundamentalist fascist government, with the cracks starting to show. If that sounds a little too close for comfort, listen on…

Homage to Catalonia Pt 11

In this podcast we conclude Orwell’s tale, ending not with a bang but a whimper, as well as Orwell’s ominous prediction for England.