Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Part 2

It appears that Mr Hyde is even more of a cad than Utterson expected. What hold does this unpleasant man have over the highly respected Dr Jekyll?

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Pt 1

It’s back to Robert Louis Stevenson for another dose of macabre Victorian horror! Tally ho!

A Princess of Mars Pt 8

Everything is coming together for an epic finale! John Carter tackles Barsoom’s complicated marriage and divorce laws. Tars Tarkas juggles being a statesmen of the Green Men AND being a single dad. And is anyone else wondering what happened to the White Apes?

A Princess of Mars Pt 7

Nothing is simple in life, not even on Barsoom. The Warhoons may be savage, but the Zodangans are LIARS, and their architecture is needlessly complicated. And who’s taking care of Woola??

A Princess of Mars, Pt 6

Events are heating up on Barsoom! Will John Carter use his mindfulness techniques to accept that Dejah Thoris is bound for the lascivious clutches of Tal Hajus? Will Tars Tarkas found out the shocking truth about his own child? Listen on.. 

A Princess of Mars Pt 3

John Carter’s in trouble now – trouble spelled L-O-V-E. Can the man who fears nothing cope with strong emotions? How does Dejah Thoris feel? Hell, how does Woola feel? Find out in the latest installment of Barsoomian adventure!

A Princess of Mars, Pt. 2

Edgar Rice Burroughs was a hugely popular American pulp fiction author. His fame has faded over time, but the creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars still has a certain charm. His flights of imaginative fancy contrast strangely with his wooden characters and can make for unintentionally magnificent dialogue.