Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Pt 5

The conclusion of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Stevenson’s analysis of the duality of human character prefigures Jung. And Hyde is really ugly. Like, super ugly. 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Part 2

It appears that Mr Hyde is even more of a cad than Utterson expected. What hold does this unpleasant man have over the highly respected Dr Jekyll?

The Colour Out Of Space Pt 2

Well, blame it on the stars, if you will. Nothing good comes out of the darkness of space, and old Ammi Pierce is here to tell you why!

The Colour Out of Space Pt 1

Colours have never been this dangerous since Dennis Hopper’s 80s police drama. H.P. Lovecraft shows us why even meteors get weird when they hit Arkham!

Herbert West, Reanimator Pt 2

Herbert West is back, and the strange, creepy, kind of proto-fascist doctor will stop at nothing to get the bodies he needs to pursue his mad quest to defy the power of death. Shockingly, this ends badly.

Herbert West, Reanimator

Another Lovecraft classic. What a creepy little man, that Herbert West! And I swear, the producers of the movie definitely never read the story.